In the Media

The work of FamCam collaborators, as well as our collections and our research project, have been widely featured in the media. Here is a list of highlights organized by activity.

Our Events & Activities

 Work in progress for the  "Soon we were en route again"  (i. Kohan-Harpaz, 2017).

Work in progress for the "Soon we were en route again" (i. Kohan-Harpaz, 2017).

Exhibition // "Soon we were en route again": The Margaret Corry Albums (1947-1963) (Jan.-Apr. 2018) @ Ryerson Image Centre

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 Reframing Family Photography conference (M. Kasumovic, 2017).

Reframing Family Photography conference (M. Kasumovic, 2017).

Conference // Reframing Family Photography (Sept. 21-23, 2017), Toronto, Ontario

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 Installation view of  The Family Camera  (J. Orpana, 2017)

Installation view of The Family Camera (J. Orpana, 2017)

Exhibition // The Family Camera (May - Oct. 2017) @ Royal Ontario Museum & Art Gallery of Mississauga 

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Our Project

 Thy Phu and Deepali Dewan being interviewed for the "Family Camera" documentary at the ROM (C. Barreto, 2017)

Thy Phu and Deepali Dewan being interviewed for the "Family Camera" documentary at the ROM (C. Barreto, 2017)

Documentary // Family Camera (Air Date: December 28, 2017, TVO)

This documentary, and its companion digital project, was commissioned by TVO and is based on an original concept from The Family Camera Network and the Royal Ontario Museum. Directed and written by Marc de Guerre. Produced by Jeannette Loakman. 

Banner Image (top of page): Reframing Family Photography conference opening event at the ROM (M. Kasumovic, 2017).